Monday 20th February 2017

Performance problems in the orange house and the white house, possibly affecting all houses

Since we cannot reproduce the performance issues we are dependent on further details about experienced problems from our users.

If you had abnormally "slow internet" in the past time (although you have enough traffic on your account) please report us to problems@. Please include at least the following information:

  • your room number
  • the date(s)/time(s) when you experienced problems (as exact as possible)
  • what you where doing on the internet while you experienced problems (browsing / voip (Skype,...) / videos / ...)
  • what kind of problems you had
    • slow connections (downloads show a low data rate)
    • high latency (during surfing your browser is loading very long but then suddenly shows the complete website once finished loading)
    • packet loss (mostly noticeable while doing video/speech conferences, expressed by dropouts or bad sound / video quality)
  • the client you where using (Laptop/Pc/Tablet)
  • whether you where connected directly via lan or you used wlan

We greatly appreciate your contribution and are dependent on it in order to be able to resolve these issues.