Sunday 14th January 2018

Short network interruption due to switch config deployment

We will deploy a new config on all of our switches (each one individually one after the other).
This means a short downtime in each house (~15 minutes).

Each house which is already done is marked with a cross [x].

  • [x] sw-51-0
  • [x] sw-51-1
  • [x] sw-53a
  • [x] sw-53-0
  • [x] sw-53-1
  • [x] sw-55-0
  • [x] sw-55-1
  • [x] sw-57-0
  • [x] sw-57-1
  • [x] sw-57a
  • [x] sw-59-0
  • [x] sw-59-1
  • [x] sw-59a