Network maintenance Monday 4th January 2021 09:00:00

We are using the vacations for important changes and maintenance work to optimize our infrastructure and make your lives easier. Specifically, the authentication on the LAN port will be omitted, which means that no special configuration will be necessary in the future.

The work will take place on 04.01.2021 from 9am until the afternoon. There will be two short interruptions of maximum 30 minutes per house. Access to the Internet or internal services is not possible during this time

It may be necessary to reboot devices or to re-establish the network connection. Under Windows, authentication must be deactivated in some cases for network access to work again:

For other problems please contact

The switches are now all updated and reconfigured. The maintenance is over now. If you experience any problems please write a mail to

The first outage is already over. It took around 10 minutes to update our gateway server. Now the switches of each house has to be updated, this takes up to 30 minutes per house.